History-Present Photo

The Dallas Post Tribune, a weekly newspaper serving the Dallas area for half a century, had its beginning in Tyler, Texas. In 1947 Mr. Bert C. Muse, founder, editor and publisher, established what was widely known throughout Texas as the Tyler Tribune. Mr. Muse was a man of many and varied talents, interest and experiences. Because of the success and popularity of the Tyler Tribune, a group of business and professional persons persuaded Mr. Muse to move to Dallas.

In 1950, he and his entire staff set up office in South Dallas on Oakland Avenue. The Tyler Tribune was changed to the Star Post, and the one man ownership was changed to a corporate business. This was a consortium of Black leaders and entrepreneurs of diverse backgrounds and interests.

Some of the participants were: Dr. L. G. Pinkston, Mrs. Pearl C. Anderson, Mr. A. E. Whipple, Rev. I. B. Loud, Rev. E. C. Estell, Mr. Alton McGowan, Mr. Ross Graves, Mr. C. S. McMillan, Mr. M. B. Slaughter, Mr. W. M. Burns, Mr. C. J. Clark, and Attorney W. J. Durham. Meanwhile, there was a reorganization of the corporation but Mr. Muse continued as the editor and publisher. Among the staff members were: Mr. A. D. Branch, Mr. H. L. Wilson, Mrs. Dickie Foster, Ms. Jewel McKinzie, R. Carr and Mr. R. C. Hickman.

In 1962, the ownership changed again with Mr. Lee J. Davis, Mr. T. R. Lee, Jr., Mrs. Dickie Foster, Mr. J. H. Glenn, Dr. Judge Page, Attorney C. W. Asberry, Mr. J. Graham, Mr. H. L. Logan, and Attorney Fred Finch, Jr. as the persons in charge. The Dallas Post Tribune now an award winning weekly that serves the Black Community is presently published by the Post Tribune Publishing Company.

The philosophy of the Dallas Post Tribune Newspaper which can be found on the editorial page as follows: “The Black Press believes that America can best lead the world away from racial and national antagonism when it accords to every man, regardless of race, color or creed, his/her human legal rights. Hating no man, fearing no man, the Black press strives to help everyone in the firm belief that all are hurt as long as any are held back.”